Local Online Marketing

Local Online Marketing

Local Online Marketing

Guru Market Group offers local online marketing solutions for small and local businesses and companies with multiple locations that require a local audience.

There is a growing trend that many business owners have started realizing. The traditional local and small business advertising model of simply advertising in the Yellow Pages no longer works. In fact, just over 70% of searches for local goods and services are now performed done online via search engines and local directories. Simply put, it’s a failing product trying to hold on to an antiquated business model. The fact is that the two largest publishers of printed business directories like Yellow Pages both filed for bankruptcy protection in 2009. RH Donnelly and IdeaArc are both in a race to save the sinking ship.

The growth in local online marketing and advertising is tremendous. Guru Market Group can help you capture this potential with affordable local online marketing packages designed to get your business on the map.

Guru Marketing Group is a leading provider of local-based marketing solutions for corporations nationwide. Providing you the ability to get local results for your branches, offices, or franchise locations to provide exceptional local search traffic and drive local sales.

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